Sunday, July 27, 2014

Sam Smith- In the Lonely Hour (2014)

Why did I review the album?  Was looking for a new artist
Did I like it? Yes
Will I listen again? Yes
Do I recommend? Yes  
This album started a bit wobbly for me, but by the end I was very happy I decided to take a chance on Sam Smith. My favorite thing about him is his ability to transition from the higher octaves to lower ones seamlessly without the song feeling disjointed.
For me, a first album is supposed to show the person’s skill and leave the audience believing there is room for growth in future work. This album did that for me. The writing for some of the songs (especially in the beginning) need more work, but his voice is definitely a solid one that I want to see evolve as his career progresses. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye on his career.
My Favs
3. I’m Not the Only One
2.  I’ve Told You Now
1. Lay Me Down
Overall Rating:  3 out of 5 Spins  

Monday, July 21, 2014

Major Renovation Planned

 I am renovating the site to make it better for you guys. There will be a lot of new features and an overall better experience while on the site. The renovations should be finished tomorrow night, but in the meantime please excuse any inconsistencies with the site.

Rhythm&Reviews Team

Robin Thicke- Paula (2014)

 Why did I review the album? I like Robin Thicke
Did I like it? Unfortunately not
Will I listen again? No
My Favs
3. You’re My Fantasy
2.  Forever Love
1. Get Her Back
This album suffers from a lack of focus. In the past I’ve said that albums should have a level of variety and I believe that, but when a silly song like Tippy Toes that sounds like a sing along for Tele tubbies is in a professional album, we have a problem.
I can see what each song was trying to achieve, but almost all fail for various reasons.
I will commend him for using a myriad of sounds and trying to merge them into a cohesive album, but using sounds from different genres and eras added to the lack of focus. It was a good idea that was poorly executed.
Overall Rating: 30 with a Not For Me recommendation

Monday, July 7, 2014

The Fault In Our Stars I Birdy -- Not About Angels I Official Video

I haven’t watched the movie or read the book, but I’m considering it after hearing this track. At the beginning it follows the simple formula that I like; an instrument and a voice. That way the audience can enjoy both aspects equally.
This song reminds me of JoJo’s Note to God in that every verse is delivered more urgently. In the last verse both the music and voice reach the same urgency after minutes of buildup. It’s a formula I really like because it allows the producer and singer to show off his talents without either taking away from the other. In fact it’s the combination of both that makes the climax of these songs so special.
I love the way the piano and violin work off of each other in this song. The violin comes in about half way through, and fades in and out of the song. But, it chooses its spots well. Sometimes it softens the song, adding a tinge of beauty, but at other points it adds suspense. 5/5

What is she doing now?

She released her second album this year named Fire Within. I listened and was very happy with it. If you like this track, I suggest giving her album a try.