Sunday, October 5, 2014

Birdy- Fire Within (2014)

Why did I review the album? Not About Angels and her cover album convinced me to give her original content a chance
Did I like it? Eventually
Will I listen again? To some tracks
The majority of the problems I have with this album are my own and in no way Birdy’s fault. For some reason I was expecting an R&B type album. I didn’t get that, but looking back I shouldn’t have expected it. I believe that’s the issue though. I had preconceived notions that were misguided. Her first album was one based largely off covers of other artists, so I didn’t know what she specialized in.
I’ve found that most albums have a purpose, but I couldn’t find out what Fire Within’s purpose is. So, I felt like I was taking a journey with no end. I was listening to a random collection of songs that did not have a main theme to tie them together.
Despite all that, I still enjoyed the album. Birdy has amazing talent and listening to her sing is a pleasure every time. Add the fact that her songs are not over produced and I’m bound to be pleased. That’s the part I like best concerning this album. Many times when artists are signed to labels they run from the basics and instead opt for over produced beats that interfere with the quality that originally made the artist successful. Birdy doesn’t fall into that trap and the album is better because of that fact. I’d gladly listen to her next album. 
Is it what I envisioned? Not quite. Does that make it bad? Of course not.
If you like great singers and are willing to try something that’s not R&B I’d definitely give Fire Within a listen.
My Favs
3. All About You
2.  No  Angel
1. Strange Birds
Overall Rating: 3/5 Spins